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You've taken the right first step! Our forums play a large part in what we do-- for passing information, for event planning, and sharing our abundant creativity.

What makes Task Force Argo unique as a roleplaying guild?


It's hard to find 'good people' to hang out with on the internet; we've cultivated a wholesome environment that treats others with maturity and respect.

For me personally, the OOC 'culture' is fantastic. I don't really feel uncomfortable with my fleetmates or what they're saying/joking about, and wonton profanity is null-- as a woman on the internet, that goes a long way.


We all have other obligations and we all realize that STO isn't at the top of the list. You put in as much as you want to; if you need to take a break, that's fine. If you can only log in once a week, that's fine. Our 'boot' policy is 'three months with no explanation', and even then, if you come back and want in, it's an instant re-invite.


We encourage member contributions-- we're here because we all love stories, and we want to hear yours. Plots and events are not restricted to officers only-- we just ask that you check in with an officer first for timing and quality assurance.

More fond of forum RP, story writing, or world-building? That's what our forums are for, with our UFP databanks and Captain's Logs.

Still interested? Your next step is to review 'TFA's Rules and Regulations', and after that, apply using the 'Recruitment' tab.

In a surprising turn of events, Starfleet Command turned their eyes on the remote Federation starbase known as Outpost Argo. Located in Eta Eridani, the Outpost serves as the headquarters of Task Force Argo, a division of Starfleet forces with a somewhat checkered service record that nearly resulted in complete censure from Starfleet's upper echelon about half a year ago.

Since then, however, Argo has certainly become proof-positive of the old Earth adage, "nowhere to go but up from here". Though the Task Force has yet to completely redeem their reputation, their assets have toed the line admirably and won the Federation a fair number of victories, of both minor and moderate magnitudes.

Thusly, Starfleet Command chose to acknowledge the Task Force's recent accomplishments by approving a series of major structural upgrades to the starbase, including a completely new installation for the science and research facilities of AG-21-8. With the construction of improvements completed, the starbase has grown sufficiently enough to receive an official designation of Deep Space 13.

Federation starcharts have been updated to reflect this change.
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